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Jackie Ottoson


Jackie Ottoson

Vice President of Human Resources

Jackie Kane Ottoson (she/her) is the Vice President of Human Resources for Accanto Health, the parent company of The Emily Program, Veritas Collaborative, and Gather Behavioral Health. She oversees our organization’s people strategy, developing ways to attract, develop, engage, and retain employees.

With over 25 years of diverse leadership experience in corporate and field settings, Jackie has worked in healthcare, hospitality, non-profit, and Fortune 100 organizations, including McKesson, Caremark, Bon Secours, Deluxe, and Famous Dave’s. She is recognized for achieving results through strategic partnerships, technology utilization, and aligning culture with organizational mission and business objectives. Jackie brings expertise in talent pipeline development, strategic planning, coaching and mentoring, managing mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and navigating organizational change.

Beyond her role at Accanto Health, Jackie serves as a board member and operations committee member for Summit Academy, OIC, a community-based vocational training and job placement program in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. She also serves as a board member and Chair of the Governance Committee for HIRED, one of the most respected workforce development organizations in the Twin Cities area, as well as a board and nomination committee member for Tubman.

The three things Jackie loves most about her job are the impact that is made on our clients’ and families’ lives, the talented, passionate team she works with, and the ability to work with multiple incredible, well-respected companies in the Accanto Health brands.